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Comments received from some of our satisfied customers

"I would just like to thank you for making the course very fun and exciting. I love the way you teach your course material, you explain and give examples in such a way so everyone understands.


You took your time to get to know every single person on the course, which makes people feel comfortable and at ease.


Jayson is a very good Trainer and it seems likes he is very passionate about what he does, that was nice to see. He is an asset to 1st Act and they are very lucky to have such a fantastic lead trainer working for them.


I will be defiantly be booking my staff onto future courses through 1st Act, when needed."


Neelam Shah



Kiddicare Nursery Ilford http://www.kiddikarenursery.com

"I've been on other 1st aid courses in my 13 years as a childminder, and this was easily the most enjoyable. Jayson made it fun as well as informative, and the tea and biscuits were a bonus! I have recommended 1st ACT to other childminders."


Carole Green



Carole’s Childminding http://www.carolelgreen.wix.com/caroleschildminding

"Having recently completed my Paediatric First aid course I was very impressed by the overall engagement of the days.


Having been on lots of similiar courses before and generally falling asleep, I found this one quite enjoyable and very well delivered. Prosports are going to be using 1st Act for all our HSE training needs from now on."


Richard Partridge

Business Development Manager


Prosports Coaching http://www.prosports-coaching.co.uk/

"Having a legal requirement to ensure that we have a number of staff who are first aid qualified led us to find 1st ACT Training. The initial attraction was the fact that they are a local company who offer HSE compliant courses.  I arranged for 3 staff to attend the ‘Emergency first aid at work’ course and at a later date I attended myself.


Not only did we for fill our legal requirement but we all personally benefited from this additional knowledge and training that having a first aid certificate provides both in and out of the workplace.


Everyone found the course to be well presented and easy to understand and no one lost interest throughout the entire day. People of all ages attended the course and everyone was more than happy with the quality and content.


I would recommend 1st ACT to any individual or company looking for first aid training as you won’t be disappointed!


Thank you"


Linda Sutton


Suttons Carpet & Furniture http://www.suttonswickford.co.uk/home.html

"Some of our Preschool staff needed to attend an Ofsted approved Paediatric First Aid course and so I searched the web for information regarding companies that offered the course. How delighted we are that I came across 1st Act.


We are a small Church with a Preschool and therefore cost is very important to us. From our initial contact Jayson was so helpful, offering different price options to see how we could get best value for money, something that none of the other companies offered.


The first aid training itself was very professional, Jayson explained things clearly and the demonstrations were easy to follow. Jayson has an easy going manner and explained things clearly, which was really good for the younger members of staff, his Jaysonism’s were really helpful.


Some of our staff had attended previous courses and some of us have never had any first aid training and yet the course suited all. I came away will a real sense of having learnt something really important which would be of benefit not just in my workplace, but also in life in general. I went home and practised slings and bandages on my son, being able to do both these things properly had always eluded me but both are very easy to master once you have been shown how.


All of our staff said how much they learnt and how much they enjoyed the course (Jayson now has a fan base here in our Preschool). The course ran to time and we were surprised at how quick the days went.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend 1st Act, we are blessed that when we went looking for training, Jayson came our way. He will be our 1st call whenever we need more First Aid training."


Sandra Mandalia

Business Manager


The Parish Centre at St Georges Church    http://stgeorgesharoldhill.org.uk

"As I know Jayson personally I had no hesitation in booking on and attending one of his paediatric first aid courses that he had running in Wickford in February 2012. Having been a childminder since 2004, I have experienced several other first aid courses with different companies each having different styles of teaching as well as training aids.


What I really liked about his course is that he makes learning interesting and fun, with light refreshments provided!


Among the wide range of equipment that he provides, he gives each student a brand new bandage pack to practice with and a book to take home, also comfortable floor mats are provided for learning the resuscitation and recovery techniques.


I am really pleased with the quality of the certificate which also includes a plastic credit card sized certificate for a purse or wallet.


I would say that Jayson is first class in delivering a wealth of knowledge and equipment at the most competitive price I have found."


Nadine Alexander



Nadine Childcare http://www.nadinechildcare.co.uk/

“I first went on a first aid course run by Jayson (1stact.co.uk) in June 2011. It was a 12 hour paediatric first aid to support my work as a childminder and approved by OFSTED.


I have been on many first aid courses over the 14 years of running my business but this was by far the most informative and interactive one I had attended. My husband also attended with me as he was registering as my assistant. The course was well thought through, the presentation was to a very high standard and it ran to time. When giving up my Saturdays to attend a course I like the courses to be fun and enjoyable and although a serious topic, Jayson ticked all these boxes. I found that I learnt more on the two days than I had imagined. He also had ingenious ways of helping us to remember important information. He also offers good value for money!


Since attending the course, I have recommended his company to many other childminders who have all been as happy as myself. I am also happy to advertise and support his business through my own website.


Well done Jayson and I wish you good luck in your growing business.”


Julie Wilson



Juliesjungle   http://juliesjungle.co.uk