Our Prices


Here at 1st ACT Ltd we aim to be as transparent as possible in how we collate our prices and discounts. This page is to show you how we can break down and discount every course, for more info, just call.

In House Courses (Your Venue)

Normally based on 12 people


Our in-house course prices are, as it says above, normally based on a maximum of 12 candidates. As these are trained at your own venue, we as a company have no overheads for venue hire and can therefore often make these the best value for our clients. The price stated is the maximum price you will have to pay for the course in question provided your setting is within 100 miles of our Wickford office. Every in-house course we do, can often be discounted down by £5.00 to £15.00 per student under the course maximum. We now travel much further than we did previously and have more trainers in different areas of the country. However an additional £50.00 per day of each course is added when your venue/setting is over 100 miles but under 180 miles from our Wickford office. Over 180 miles but under 240 miles means an extra £75.00 per day. Please call for a full personalised quote.

Open Courses (Our Venues)

Always priced per person


Our open courses are normally based at one of four locations around East London & Essex. These are places where we have an agreement in place with regards to venue hire, therefore we can minimise our overheads and pass the saving on to the client. We have reviewed our prices for 2018-2019 and although we can no longer provide large set price group discounts, if we can save you money, we will. We have managed to maintained our unbeatably low prices for open courses inline with our previous 8 years. We review our pricing system every April and honour it until the next financial year where possible. Current prices we be honoured until March 2019. Please call for a personalised quote.

Open / In House Courses (Your Venue, Our Course) Always priced per situation


Our ‘open up your course’ option became very popular throughout 2012 / 2013 with Nurseries & Preschools. So we have now decided to make this an option for all clients across all types of courses. Firstly we look at your requirement, then we look at the number of staff you have and finally we set discounts we can give you per person for the places we fill from external clients to attend the course at your venue. We have a structure in place for each and every course type and spaces available. Please call for a personalised quote. We are also able to offer deals on selected dates, throughout the year to new clients.

Courses in your own Home


These courses have become more popular over the last year with more and more Conscientious Parents wanting short courses in their own homes. We now discount these courses for larger groups; discounts start at 6 people and keep reducing per person up to a course maximum of 12. Originally designed for just the 2 and 3 hour non certificated courses, we now offer our full Paediatric range of courses in your own home and discount as per our in-house course discount above. Meaning these courses can (numbers dependent) work out the best value overall.