About 1st ACT


Thank you for visiting our website. This page is to help you understand a little more about our background and ethics. As the Managing Director & Lead Trainer of 1st ACT Ltd, my role is to co-ordinate the training, the syllabuses, the trainers and the venues to make your experience the best it can be. We've made changes over the last 10 years, all based on client feedback.


My personal First Aid background goes back to 1990, when I joined the British Army and was being trained and fully prepared to serve in the golf war. First Aid is obviously a priority for all our military personnel, but when you feel it could be needed soon, it definitely makes you sit up and listen. At least it did with me, so much so that I wanted to know more and more about the amazing human body.


After leaving the forces it appeared to me, to be a natural progression to enter into the Emergency Services, so after a few years with Wiltshire Fire Brigade I moved onto London Fire Brigade in 2000. With our First Aid knowledge and some with training backgrounds, my colleagues and I were asked to assess and then train First Aid for a few large companies based around the South East of England.


I setup and established 1st ACT in April 2007 (becoming a Limited Company in April 2015) with the aim of making life saving skills affordable to all without dropping any of the high standards often found in larger organisations. With 1st ACT Ltd you still get the same wealth of experience and high level of training but at prices our competitors simply cannot come close to on Ofqual regulated courses!